New paintings.

First up, a few months back, I did a tape painting party with friends, and it was lots of fun. I was so busy consulting on other people's paintings, I didn't end up making the one I had in mind to work on, so I did it later in the studio. This is it below. My inspiration is the sort of painting that would render nicely into a poster in a thin gold frame in an early 1990s retirement community in Florida.

Turned out rather nicely, if I say so myself.

And that tape painting was so fun I've just kept on going. I'm very much in love with pinks and yellows and angles and abstraction right now, which is a bit off the path of black and white paper cutting, but so it goes, paper cutting isn't gone, its just hanging out while I go through a color phase. So the next painting...will be something abstracty plus I think some wild blue clouds. I love the pink and blues in these works by Julian Meagher, and I am staring at his stuff while I work, but clearly all the yellow in mine is going to skew this palette a lot more cheery. 

So this is nowhere near done, but it is coming along.

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