Still around.

I'm around and making stuff. I've found instagram so that's where most of my updates end up. Lately I'm working on crystals. I'll be making a painting of crystals once I get a sketch I'm happy with but crystals are hard!Carly Waito is my new power inspiration, but I won't be painting anything nearly so realistic (and complex!). 

Here's a crystal stipple sketch:

Also on deck is the Circlescape from a post a while ago. This one is fun and messy. I've been thinking a lot about non-obedient perspective- landscapes from David Hockney and his inspiration in old Japanese and Chinese prints and ink painting, and this is a freehand exercise, a chance to try some thoughts out on a piece. I didn't complete the drawing before I just started cutting, and I have adjusted the sketch several times. It's turning out great and interesting and it's keeping me thinking which I appreciate- I knew from the start that there would be mistakes and being less invested in those has freed me up. Also the deeply weird nature of seeing something large and landscape in pieces. Anyway, its coming along nicely. I did 6 or 7 circles this weekend. 

Some favorite details- My pond has a turtle now. He and the rabbit are about it for creatures in the picture, although I might add some bugs and things to the little detail circles. I like that this little snapshot got the shadow from the house in it.

And a little field with a house. There are some buildings in my landscape and boats and a road. There will be a little city on the right soon.  People do live in this circle world, they're just not that pushy about it. 

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