Studio Visit

Sidewalk cracks is finished and installed at my house. Here's a shot of it. 

Meanwhile, back at the studio, theres's plenty going on. There are probably 5 or 6 ongoing projects in this panorama, but here are a few I'm willing to talk about.

This is a finished piece- The blots of paint from the sidewalk crack painting are now living as their own painting. I have this guy hanging up in the corner for now.  

I bought some neat landscapes at a flea market last summer and they had frames in need of some serious love. One frame I tossed altogether, the other I re-glued used some wood putty on. They've been gessoed a trillion times and now I'm waiting on imitation gold leaf. This will be my first gold leafing project- I'm hoping to learn from this so it can be applied to some papercuts down the line.

There are two pieces inside this photo- on top the painting- it has a faux gold edge (Going through a phase clearly) and will be sort of linked with all my rainbows in the side walk crack, and the diamond piece. Under the cardboard is a paper cut in progress. I have a few other papercuts going on right now, and one piece that will be a gift so I can't show any photos of that, until it's done. 

I've been managing to get inside the studio for a good chunk each weekend- at least one day per weekend, so I'm doing well and it feels grand. And on that note, I am off to my studio now. Just wanted to let the blog know I'm still alive. 

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